Part #    Stock ID # Keying
CK2113 03211 Keyed Different
CK2113 03230 Keyed Alike    
CK3113 03212 Keyed Different
CK3113 03231 Keyed Alike
CK4113 03213 Keyed Different
CK4113 03232 Keyed Alike    

Stock Keyless Combination Locks Include

  • Straight and offset cam with cam screw
  • 90 degree stop plate
  • Spur washer, collar ring and mounting nut
  • Stock items are carded
  • Standard box quantity is 10
  • Build to order items are available

Front Dial Combination Cam Locks also available.

Part Numbers and Lengths:

  • CK2113 - 5/8"
  • CK3113 - 7/8"
  • CK4113 - 1 1/8"

 The Illinois Lock line of combination cam locks are perfect for
applications where keyless security is desired

  • Fits in the same application hole as a 3/4” diameter keyed cam lock
  • Standard 3 number combination
  • Knob rotates freely - Push and turn to open
  • Variable cam lengths
  • 90 and 180 degree rotation, clockwise or counter clockwise
  • Ability to mount with a nut or speed clip
  • Knob: yellow chromate finish then black polyurethane painted
  • Shell: Polished then nickel plated

Front Dial Combination Cam Lock also available

Combination cam lock rear view.gifapplication hole .633 by .760.gifCombination cam lock front view.gifCombination cam lock side view.gif