3/4 extension (from cabinet) Drawer opens approximately 3/4 of the total slide length.
Full extension (from cabinet) Drawer opens an amount equal to the total slide length.
Over extension (from cabinet)   Drawer opens an amount greater than the total slide length.

This feature allows the drawer/chassis to be removed from the case/rack by actuating a lever or latch.
Holds the slide open or closed until extra force is applied to overcome the detent.

Series Travel Disconnect Detent
  3/4 extension Full extension Over extension Lever disconnect

Non disconnect

1710  x       x  
2760 x       x  
2780   x     x  
3551   x   x    
3567 x     x   x
3573 x     x    
3578   x x x    
3688   x x x x x
4588   x x x x x
5088   x x x x x
5688   x x x x x
5890   x x x x x
7688   x     x

Most popular series shown in above table. Other standard series available. Two-way slide also available.

Light Duty Slides: 1710, 2760, and 2780
Medium Duty Slides: 3551, 3567, 3573, 3578, 3688, 4588
Heavy Duty Slides: 5088, 5688, 5890
Ultra Heavy Duty Slides: 7688

Slide Selection Considerations

  • Height, width, and depth of chassis/drawer
  • Weight of chassis/drawer
  • Depth of rack/cabinet
  • Side space available (chassis/drawer and rack/cabinet)
  • Travel desired
  • Mounting holes and locks needed
  • Disconnect of chassis/drawer needed
  • Optional hardware for mounting in rack/enclosure