• Plug Removable
  • Dust Shutter on Plug
  • Variable Plug and Handle Rotations
  • Multiple Mounting Styles
  • Multiple Latching Configurations
  • Weather Resistant for Outdoor Applications
  • Custom Engineering Available
Illinois Lock Company’s new modular lock system offers design and functional flexibility for almost any application. Inexpensive custom tooled components can give each lock its own unique look. Weather resistant features have also been designed into the lock so it will withstand the harshest environments.

DC4000 Turn Handle With Built In Flip Cover

DC4010 T-Handle

DC4000 Modular Lock 125 pixels.jpg
  • Flip cover turn handle Part Number DC4000
  • Available with Spring Back Return
  • Plug removable - Internal dust shutter
  • Face accepts custom logo stickers
DC4010 Modular Lock 125 pixels.jpg
  • T Handle P/N DC4010
  • Plug removable
  • Indoor and outdoor applications
  • Internal Dust Shutter

DC4020 Lift Handle

DC4030 L-Handle

DC4020 Modular Lock 125 pixels.jpg
  • Part Number DC4020
  • Unique handle shape eases lifting
  • Plug removable - Internal dust shutter
  • Standard square boss or stud
DC4030 Modular Lock 125 pixels.jpg
  • L Handle Part Number DC4030
  • Indoor / Outdoor
  • Plug Removable
  • Internal Dust Shutter