Wing Handles / Wing Locks

Part #DC698 Chrome

Optional Locking Rods

Part #DC696

DC690 / DC695 Series

 Low Profile Knob Lock Features

  • 180 degree clockwise key turn to unlock.† 90 degree clockwise knob turn
  • E-Coat under black powder coat finish for maximum corrosion resistance
  • Optional built in flip up cover with "hold open" detent
  • Two point cam to pull rods or wire activating rotary latches
  • Maintaining or momentary function

Contact Illinois Lock for detailed specifications.


Lock Number Flip Up Cover Length Function
DC691 No 1.332" Spring Return
DC692 Yes 1.332" Spring Return
DC696 No 1.322" Maintaining
DC697 Yes 1.322" Maintaining
DC698 Yes 3/4" Maintaining or Spring Return
DC690S No 5/8" Spring Return
DC695S No 5/8" Maintaining
DC690M No 7/8" Spring Return
DC695M No 7/8" Maintaining
DC690L No 1-1/8" Spring Return
DC695L No 1-1/8" Maintaining
DC690XXL No 1-5/8" Spring Return
DC695XXL No 1-5/8" Maintaining
DC690XXXXL No 2-1/8" Spring Return
DC695XXXXL No 2-1/8" Maintaining