Illinois Lock Company has a cam lock for every situation. From weather resistant cam locks for harsh outdoor environments to miniature cam locks that fit in the tightest spaces. We have quick install locks that save installation time on your assembly line and economical cam locks when budgets are tight.

Our high security cam locks are pick pull and drill resistant while our keyless cam locks are perfect for when security is not an issue. Our engineering staff can design custom cam locks for just about any application.

Cam Lock Specification Chart - Click the part number or category link to take you to the appropriate product page

Economical Cam Locks

Weather Resistant Cam Locks

  • Economical die cast cam locks for high quantity applications 
  • Manufactured in China at our wholly owned factory
  • Multiple cams, rotations, key pulls and finishes
  • USA based engineers available for custom designs
  • UL tested NEMA 4 designed Weather resistant Cam Locks
  • Internal stainless steel dust shutter prevents water penetration
  • Internal "O" rings and external gaskets
  • Chrome plating over double nickel. Life tested to withstand 500 hours of salt spray

Quick Install Cam Locks

Miniature Cam Locks

  • Quick install cam locks
  • Just press to install
  • No nut or spring clip required
  • Tubular and flat key styles
  • 5/8" lengths and shorter (Will fit in the tightest places)
  • Mulitiple cam lengths and rotations
  • Stock available on some versions

High Security Cam Locks

Tubular Cam Locks

  • High security brass and die cast cam locks
  • 14 disc tumbler mechanism offering over 14,000 combinations
  • Stainless steel head and body guides for drill resistance
  • Stainless steel ring in the head for pull resistance
  • Thick triple bitted key. (Available in a durable nickel silver material)
  • 7 & 8 Pin tumbler tubular cam locks
  • Over 750,000 combinations available
  • Multiple rotations, key pulls and cams
  • Stock available on certain models

Keyless Cam Locks

Combination Cam Locks

Thumb-Turn 150 pixels.jpg
  • Thumb-turn style
  • Round Knob style
  • Slot style (open with a coin)
  • Hex style (open with a tool)
  • Dial combination keyless security
  • 5/8" - 7/8" - 1-1/8" lengths
  • Dial rotates freely - Push and turn to open
  • Fits in a standard 3/4" application hole

Plastic Finger Pulls

Front Dial Combination Cam Locks
  • Durable plastic finger pulls
  • Assists in opening doors where cam locks are present
  • Vertical and horizontal mount
 Black Combination cam lock thumbnail.jpg  
  • Dial combination keyless security
  • 3/4" - 15/16" - 1-7/32" lengths
  • Fits in a standard 3/4" application hole