Specifications: Cam lock available in removable style cam only. Engineered for use in wood or fiberglass products.
Material: Zinc die cast and Brass cylinders (Contact us for brass cam lock pricing and availability).
Mechanisms: 8 disc tumbler "D" type mechanism offers up to 500 primary and 78 master changes using a double bitted key. The 14 tumbler DuoÆ "M" type mechanism offers 14,000 primary, 200 master and 30 grand master changes using a unique triple bitted key.
Finishes: Bright nickel is standard ≠ other finishes available upon request.
Cams: "D" Dimension per customer requirement. Locks available with various cam rotations click here. Please specify cam rotations and cam length when ordering.
Hardware: 14 tumbler locks use 1-5/16" dia. spur washer no. S2302B. 5 tumbler and 8 tumbler locks use 1-1/8" dia. spur washer no. S2302A.
Mounting: For recommended application hole size, click here, Figure 6 or 7 as applicable.

*Variable as indicated depending on how tight nut is drawn.

High Security Duo Mechanism - Features

  • Plug body material is zinc Zamak (#3), hardened stainless steel head guide to deter drilling, tumblers and body key guides of spring tempered brass.
  • A practically pickproof mechanism employing fourteen tumblers, consisting of two sets of five primary tumblers, and one set of four secondary tumblers.
  • Non-duplicatable keys for controlled replacements.† Duo keys have three cuts, the two opposing cuts controlling the two sets of primary tumblers, and the side cut operating the four secondary tumblers, not duplicatable on standard machines.† Key blanks are controlled, sold only to original equipment manufacturers and their authorized agents.† Special restricted codes are provided if requested.† These code numbers will be sold only to the original owner.
  • Freedom from lock failure because of dirt, freezing, or corrosion is assured.† Positive tumbler operation for unlocking is accomplished by a design which provides for mechanical movement of the tumblers without aid of springs.
  • Long wearing qualities.† Duo mechanisms "M" has one hard stainless steel guide and four spring tempered brass key guides which provide precision bearing surfaces for the key and thus assures perfect tumbler alignment without the loss of pickproof qualities and key interchanging characteristics for not less than fifty thousand operations.
  • Standard Duo mechanism offers 13,950 primary combinations, and 240 normal master changes, more could be provided if required.† Master keying of a Duo lock does not degrade the security of the lock, as the master key operates on its own independent surface on the tumbler.† (Pin tumbler locks are master keyed by splitting the pins and therefore lowering the security of the lock.)
  • For additional security against drilling locks they can be made with hardened stainless steel head guides plus 4 hardened stainless steel body guides.
  • Standard brass keys can also be made in a durable nickel silver material.† Nickel silver has long wearing qualities that are useful when a single key is opening many locks.
  • For additional pull resistance a stainless steel ring can be inserted between the plug and barrel during the manufacturing process.† This limits the ability for a tool to be inserted in the keyway and then pulling the plug out of the barrel.


Die Cast Cam Lock
8 Tumblers

14 Tumblers(Duo)
High Security

    27/32 3/4 7/64 5/8
D5421J SD6421J 27/32 47/64 1/8 3/4
    1-3/32 1 7/64 5/8
D5421K SD6421K 1-3/32 63/64 1/8 3/4
D5421L SD6421L 1-11/32 1-15/64 1/8 3/4