Specifications: DuoÆ lock cylinder "application engineered" for use in front locking coin vaults. Generally used for commercial laundry and vending applications. Due to the small die cast cam boss, it is not recommended that this lock be used as a conventional Cam style or Stud lock.
Material: Lock cylinder, zinc die cast, with hardened stainless steel guides which resist drilling. Keys are nickel silver for long wear. Other parts, plated steel.
Mechanisms: Available in the DuoÆ 14 tumbler type "M" mechanism which offers 14,000 primary, and 200 master changes.
Operation: 360∞ key turn. Key withdraws at 0∞ and 180∞ positions.
Finish: Bright chrome is standard ≠ other finishes available upon request.
Mounting: For recommended application hole size, click here, Figure 6.