DX1930A Spring Bolt Lock


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D1940A Spring Bolt Lock

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L780-510-045-9926 High Security

D1930 & D1930A Specifications: 2-position, spring-bolt style lock
Material: Zinc die cast housing and cylinder
Mechanism: 5 disc tumbler single bitted mechanism which offers 100 combinations.
Finishes: Bright chrome is standard ≠ other finishes available upon request.

D1940A Tubular Spring Bolt Lock

D1940A Specifications: 2-position, push-button spring bolt lock, convenient push to open operation
Mechanism: 7 pin tumbler tubular mechanism with over 1,000 combinations


L780-510-045-9926 High Security Spring Bolt Lock

14 tumbler Duo mechanism
Pick Pull and Drill resistant
Over 14,000 available combinations 


Lock Number Operation Key Withdrawal Function
D1940A 90° Right 0 and 90 Tubular Push Button, Spring Return
D1930A 90° Left & Right 0 only Spring Return
L780-510-045 90° Right
0 only High security, Spring Return