DXC166S Economical Stud Lock

D8623 Tubular Screw Type Stud Lock

DC650 Stud lock 108 pixels wide.jpg
  • Screw in style stud lock
  • 360 degree rotation - Key pulls every 90 degrees
  • Available keyed alike or different with 200 combinations
  • Tubular screw type stud lock
  • Zinc die cast housing, brass coupling and spindle steel stud
  • 7 pin tumbler mechanism offering 750,000 combinations

L9625 High Security Screw type Stud Lock - Duo

LD4623 Medium Security Screw Type Stud Lock

  • High security screw type lock for use on coin vaults and money boxes.
  • 14 tumbler high security Duo mechanism offering over 14,000 combinations
  • Drill, pull and pick resistant features
  • Medium security screw type stud lock
  • 8 wafer tumbler mechanism offers 250 combinations
  • Continuous 360° key turn. Key withdraws every 90°