Specifications: Miniature tubular cam lock with removable cam. Engineered for use in metal or fiberglass products.
Material: Zinc die cast or brass cylinders available.
Mechanism: 4 Pin tumbler mechanism utilizing a miniature tubular key. 150 combinations are available.
Finish: Bright chrome is standard other finishes available upon request.
Cams: "D" dimension per customers requirement. Locks available with various cam rotations. Please specify cam rotations and cam length when ordering.

Stock Availability:C520L keyed alike - Stock ID number 52001. C520L keyed different -Stock ID number 52020. Package includes 1 1/8" straight cam, 1 1/8" long with 1/8" offset cam.


Lock Number B C E
C520 S 13/32 11/32 21/32
C520 M 1/2 7/16 3/4
C520 L 5/8 9/16 7/8