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360° Pop-Out Vending Handle with threaded stud

  • Pop-Out handle used in vending applications. Engineered to be used with standard pop-out cylinders.
  • Accepts all NAMA vending cylinders.
  • 360 degree turn handle.

Material and Finish

  • Housing: Zinc Alloy.
  • Finish: Bright Chrome US26 (Standard).
  • Satin Nickel US15, Black E-Coat or Black powder coat optional.


DXPH101 diagram
Part Number 2D 3D Dimension A Housing Length
DXPH101 3D Per Specification 2.437 ins / 61.72 mm


Lock Number/Cylinder Mechanism
14 Tumbler 7 Pin Tumbler Locking Style
LD6714 D8714 Spring Bolt
LD6713   Dead Bolt
LD6714-60   S.S. Spring Bolt
LD6713-20   S.S. Dead Bolt
LD6714H*   S.S. Spring Bolt
LD6713H*   S.S. Dead Bolt

* length tolerance +/- .039” [1mm]
Various studs and sizes available.

DXPH101 specifications

Cam Rotation & Installation

DXPH101 rotation
DXPH101 installation

Accessories/Replacement Parts

Cylinder Lock
PN: D6714
Cylinder Lock
PN: D6713
Cylinder Lock
PN: D8714
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