Stock Weather Resistant Cam Locks

Included Parts In A Poly Bag

  • Barrel Lock
  • Two Keys Rung Together
  • 90 & 180 degree stop plates
  • One Straight Cams - Two Formed Cams
  • One Escutcheon
  • One Cam Retaining Screw with Star Washer
  • Multiple barrel lengths and cam styles 
  • Internal O ring and external gasket prevents water penetration   
  • Chrome plating over double nickel finish
  • Reversible keys for easy access, even in low /no light situations

Specifications: Dust shutter cam lock with removable style cam. Engineered for use in metal or fiberglass products.
Material: Zinc die cast cylinder with stainless steel scalp and dust shutter.
Mechanism: 5 Disc tumbler reversible mechanism which offers 200 combinations. 

Stock ID 62207 and 62217

Stock ID 62204 and 62214

Recommended Application Hole Size

Cams Included with all Stock ID's

Hardware Included With All Stock ID's


Stock ID # Body Length Keying Key Numbers
62204 7/8" Keyed Alike 200R
62207 5/8" Keyed Alike 200R
62214 7/8" Keyed Different 200R-399R Random
62217 5/8" Keyed Different 200R-399R Random