December 10, 2019

Taking OVER the LAND

Since the dawn of time, humans have had the desire to explore built into their DNA. It’s how we got to this point in technology and civilization that we are at now, and how we will further advance in the future. 

Despite an ever-present fear of the unknown, those willing to venture out of their comfort zones and into foreign terrains reap the benefits in both the aesthetic and physical riches they will discover that no one else may have ever seen or experienced before.

When ILC began adventuring out into the world of vehicle accessories many moons ago, we knew that we had to include new standardized and customizable products that would benefit the modern-day explorer: the Overlander.

These brave souls pack their vehicles full of gear and hit the roads for weeks, months, sometimes even years of travel, where the journey is the primary goal. Across backcountry, cross-country, cross-continental, remote sites, and more, Overlanding is often confused with “off-roading,” which is more of a temporary and immediate venture in comparison. 

Overlanding vehicles and overland trailers must be beefed up to take on challenging terrains, harsh weather, steep climbs, polarizing climates, and everything in between. Although they might not veer too far off the beaten path of traditional routes and roads, it is the longevity and length that sets these trips apart from just going “mudding” for a few hours.

ILC has made sure to design several products that are tough, durable, and can benefit all of the facets and components that an Overland vehicle may need. From the securing of rooftop tents to food storage, camping or hunting supplies, and more: our wide array of overland vehicle accessories can help make your Overland adventure a safer and more successful one.

Specifically, these products are designed to allow for the quick release and mounting of equipment and gear to roof-top racks and rails on the vehicle exterior. Vehicle interior applications are also available for secure, functional, and prompt access to storage compartments.

Amongst the vast array of standardized overland vehicle accessories, we currently offer:

-Position Control Hinges
-Roof Top Clamps
-Power Adaptable Handles
-High-Security Cam Locks
-Weather Resistant Handles
-Rotary Latches

ILC can supply you with all of the above accessories, and many others, in a customizable fashion for your specific Overland vehicle security applications.

The next time the call of the wild has you packing up for an epic Overlanding adventure, equip your vehicle with the proper gear necessary to enjoy your journey to the fullest. 

Contact ILC’s expert staff today to discuss our standardized and customizable lines of overland vehicle accessories by CLICKING HERE today!


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